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If you are staying in Miami or Ft Lauderdale, a day trip to the Upper Keys is very doable. So if you are thinking about a Florida Keys Dolphin swim, don’t let the distance discourage you.

The drive from Miami to the Islamorada is about 1 1/2 hour by car and from Ft Lauderdale is about 2 1/2 hours by car.  The driving is really easy in the beginning because you will be taking the Florida Turnpike Extension and there are lot of lanes and you can move quickly on the road there.

Once you reach Florida City and the Turnpike ends, the traveling goes so much slower on US Highway 1. It is a one lane road each way. So if you are behind a slow poke driver, take your time and arrive alive. There are a few passing lanes on US 1 but it is slow going.  So relax and enjoy all the scenery in the Keys, you will love seeing the Florida Everglades and all the bodies of water.

Remember, we will send you complete tickets and directions via email and text. You can not get lost! We can say that with 20 years plus of experience in this business.

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