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Canadian drugstore named five most unhygienic places for sex

Surely everyone has an approximate list of places where they would like to have sex using best brand-name meds. If so, you can safely remove all public places from it.

The people that were there before you are more likely to have left bacteria that can easily get on unprotected areas of your body. Microbiologist Charles Herb from canadian internet drugstore named five places where sex is best not to do.

Toilet on the plane

These crowded rooms are at the top of the list of the most polluted places for sex. According to this pharmacy website, in between cleaning toilets on the plane can use about 70 people, and not all of them thoroughly wash their hands. Not surprisingly, there may be E. coli on almost all planes.

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Gym locker room

In the locker room of the hall, ideal conditions for bacterial reproduction. It is not recommended for walking barefoot there even with healthcare equipment.


Also, according to the microbiologist, seats, and armrests in cinemas are cleaned quite rarely, and analysis of one of the cinema halls gave a positive result for staphylococcus.


In addition, Herb noted that those who want to have sex on playgrounds and in parks are waiting there for viruses of colds and flu, traces of feces of animals, and people. That’s why it’s better to buy suitable ED pills at best possible prices and make love at home.

And for those who dream of having sex on the beach, Herb urged to think that sand is a carrier of hundreds of harmful bacteria and viruses. A study of Chinese scientists has shown that the sand on the beach is much dirtier than water.