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Are you staying in Fort Lauderdale beach? Well we have a round trip shuttle service from Ft Lauderdale to the Upper Keys and back to do your Florida Keys Swim with Dolphins program. It would be a full day of travel and activities with a great day to see the amazing Florida Keys! The cost as of this writing is $95 per person for this 2 1/2 hour trip each way. Usually this shuttle service will be private. So its a great deal and way to see your favorite animal, the dolphin, in a natural habitat and salt water lagoon. All the water from the lagoon is pumped from the ocean directly which makes this water totally natural with plenty of sea life and nutrition for the dolphin well being.¬† So if you don’t have transportation, remember, we can help you!

To book your Transportation, all you need to do is book your dolphin program activity and you will see a section in the booking form to add transportation. We look forward hearing from you!

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